Babes in Scrubs

                                      Hey Babes, Welcome to the Babes Brand!

Babes in Scrubs was created in 2016, a time period where social media began to peak in influences/influencers. We created a platform with four goals in mindEmpower, Inspire, Admire, Connect . The Babes brand wanted to create a safe space for professionals to come together, share their stories and truly influence others in a positive light. 

EMPOWER healthcare professionals while paving the road for everyone to succeed. 

INSPIRE healthcare professionals to reach their full potential and aspire younger generations to pursue in the medical field. 

ADMIRE healthcare professionals, not only their beauty but their lifestyle, morals, ethics and values. We provide a platform for positive exposure, support, and appreciation. 

CONNECT fellow healthcare professionals with one another, building the bridge for community. Sharing our experiences, hardships and milestones.