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      Chairman Message

      I believe we are achieving a great cause.

      Many of us are from poor families. We have experienced hardships. We also felt indebted the hardships of our parents' generation, we used our knowledge to change our destiny. And what worries us is that there are hundreds of millions of famers who share the same fate with our fathers. Their status has not been fundamentally improved. Therefore, through our efforts to help farmers get rich, it has become our firm belief. And this sacred mission leads thousands of us came together.

      Looking back the way we have come through! We are proud! In the past 20 years, HAID has grown from a small workshop styled factory with several people to an enterprise with the fastest growth rate, the best technology level and the strongest service level in China's agriculture and animal husbandry industry. Its feed sales rank the 3rd in China and the 10th in the world. The road we have traveled is not smooth. Every step forward embodies the wisdom and tremendous concentration of us.

      We can say with a clear conscience that HAID has left indelible marks and contributions to the start of China's aquatic feed industry.; We can confidently say that HAID will become the mainstay for the further development of this industry in China.

      Our confidence comes from our leading core technology at home and abroad; from our vigorous team; from our broad mind of "embracing all rivers with tolerance"; from our courage and determination to achieve great achievements for our ideals without fear of all difficulties

      We deeply know that China's feed industry is in a period of profound change, and the competition in China's breeding industry is gradually intensified. To realize our vision, we must give full play to the wisdom of HAID people, use our high-tech products integrate with our professional services to lead farmers on the road of development. For this reason, what great challenges we will face! We still need to improve our technology, invest more in scientific research, to build a larger and stronger talent team. Our management hasn’t make our knowledge productive; we have not experienced the baptism of the storm, and have not yet been tested by the severe winter; Compared with many excellent enterprises, we are still far behind and we shall always stay humble.

      We deeply feel the heavy responsibilities on our shoulders!

      We are inspired by the sacred mission that history has given us: Making a better future for rural China through our scientific strength!This is the glory and dream that all of us have been dreaming of.

      We yearn for that as long as each of us with the same faith, with the attitude of conscientious, indomitable and work diligently against all odds, it is no doubt that glory and dream will show up at our doorstep.


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