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      Guangdong HAID Group
      Guangdong HAID Group Co., Ltd. (Stock code:002311) is an agricultural and animal husbandry high-tech enterprise based on the R&D, production and sales of aquatic products and livestock feed, which develops to the whole industrial chain of animal husbandry, high-quality seedlings, livestock breeding, healthy food, etc., and provides integrated technical service solutions for farmers., Its Registered capital over CNY 1.5 billion. Through more than 2 decades’ rapid development, HAID Group has established 600 subsidiaries within Mainland China and oversea., it also owns one research center, over 10 pilot-plant bases and more than 40,000 employees.
      On November 27, 2009, HAID was successful landing in the Shenzhen A-share market.
      In 2022, the company's feed sales volume reached 21.65 million tons,
      with an operating revenue of CNY 104.7 billion, up nearly 21.63% over the same period in 2021.
      • CNY 1.5+billion
        Registered capital
      • 600+
        branches & subsidiaries
      • 1 & 10+
        1 research center, over 10 pilot-plant bases
      • 40000+
      Success in Service, Leading the industry change
      Agricultural development relies on utilizing resources, but also highly relies on technology input from related fields. Through a comprehensive technical service system, HAID presents products to synergize with the professional services, it creates more value for customers and also brings revolutionary development and changes to the industry.

      HAID has built a team over 10000 staff, with professional ability and enthusiastic service, provides comprehensive technical service solutions, including high-quality seedlings, breeding structure design, breeding technical guidance, environmental improvement, disease prevention and control, market information, management technology and financial services, etc. to millions of customers. With a profound purpose of improving the management level and profitability of healthy breeding, it has driven tens of millions of famers to become rich through breeding industry and realize labor value-added. The trust of our customers is the most solid foundation for the sustainable development of HAID.
      • 10000+staff
        Professional service Team
      Research-driven development, strong internal momentum for growth
      HAID has totally invested more than CNY 2 billion to build HAID Research center, with a total laboratory area of more than 6400M2 and a total value of CNY 120 million for advanced equipment. The company has built 3 R&D centers at home and abroad, and more than 10 R&D pilot bases in Guangdong province, Hubei province, Fujian province, Shandong province, Vietnam and other places, the fixed investment of nearly CNY 300 million. The company has forge a R&D team of more than 1000 people in masters and doctorate level, and established 7 professional research systems, including animal genetics and breeding, animal nutrition and feed, animal medicine and biopharmaceutical, micro ecological engineering, biochemical engineering, protein engineering and healthy breeding. It has formed a first-class enterprise technology innovation system and become the core competitiveness of HAID.

      With extensive distribution of healthy breeding research, supported by highly efficient R&D system, In the field of agriculture, such as aquatic products, animal feed, fish and shrimp offspring breeding, animal protection, etc., HAID has more than 200 invention patents and won 3 national awards, including the second prize of National Technology Invention Award in 2014, the national agriculture, animal husbandry and fishery harvest award in 2016, the second prize of national commercial science and Technology Progress Award in 2017, and 8 provincial awards, two of which won the first prize of provincial science and technology progress award of Guangdong province, one won the first prize of Hubei science and technology progress award, one won Guangdong Patent Gold Award, and the other four won the second prize of provincial and ministerial science and technology award and Agricultural Technology Promotion Award. With scientific research boosts continuous and rapid growth of enterprise, it has gradually transformed into the unique competitiveness of HAID.
      • CNY 3 billion
        Research Centers Construction Fund
      • 6400+
        Total laboratory area
      • 300+
        NO. of Patent of invention
      Promote management with corporate culture and aspire to brilliant future
      With a pure heart of making contribution to China's agricultural development, the broad-minded and strong mission culture of "embracing all rivers ", HAID has develop a young, enthusiastic, consistent, diligent and professional management team, adheres to the concept of "keep creating value for customers", takes "professional, service-oriented, scientific and technological, international" enterprise as the goal, composing the bright chapters of the company's development integrate with wisdom, persistence and passion.

      Agriculture is not only a health industry related to food safety, but also a foundation industry affecting the quality of life, in addition to explore the relationship between people and everything. In the future, HAID will continue to move forward to become a world-class scientific and technological enterprise in agricultural and animal husbandry.

      In early 1998, Guangzhou HAID Feed Co., Ltd. was officially established, and at the same time, establish Guangdong HAID animal husbandry and aquaculture research center, mainly engaged in the research, development, production and sales of aquatic premix. in April 1998, Jiayu branch of Guangzhou HAID Feed Co., Ltd. was established in Jiayu County, Hubei Province, started producing complete feed to the market. To 2001, the company's aquatic premix market accounted for the first place in China.


      In 1999, the establishment of Wuhan HAID Feed Co., Ltd. is the beginning of standardized management of HAID. For the first time, the aim of the enterprise was put forward: "customer first"; enterprise operation principle: " Science and Technology oriented, survival on the basis of quality, to serve and promote development".

      From 2002 to 2003, Guangzhou Panyu Dachuan Feed Co., Ltd., Shantou Hailong Feed Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou Haiwei Feed Co., Ltd. were successively established to enter the South China aquatic feed market and promote the upgrading of South China aquatic feed from granulated feed to expanded feed.


      In 2003, the HAID group was established and set up various professional centers such as purchasing, finance, production etc. and apply the management and control mode of "Professional centers + Molecular companies".

      In 2003, HAID set up Guangzhou Haibei biological Co., Ltd., which engaged in aquatic probiotics research and production, in May 2004, the Adjustable the water quality products were officially put on the market, and marked as the upgrading of HAID service system.

      2003-2005, Suzhou's HAID, Chengdu HAID, Yueyang HAID, Taizhou HAID, Zhanjiang HAID and other feed companies have been set up, indicating that HAID group has begun to accelerate the layout of the regional markets in central China, Southern China, East China and southwest China.

      2006, Xue Hua, chairman of the board, published the article "our mission" within HAID, he positioning HAID as a service oriented enterprise, defining the mission of the group, developing strategy and the "2007-2011 five-year plan", and committed to the mutual development of livestock feed and aquatic feed.

      In 2007, Hisenor & Bairong Breeding Stock Co., Ltd. was established, which marked as start of HAID aquatic seedling business. "HAID Brand" aquatic feed is identified as "China's famous brand" by the quality inspection and Quarantine Bureau of China


      November 27, 2009, HAID successfully landed in the A share market in Shenzhen. Securities referred to as "Hai Da group", stock code: 002311

      2010-2011, HAID has established some Strategic Business Unit, such as central China, Southern China, special aquaculture unit and pig feed unit, and has further optimized its business management mode. The service marketing transformation has achieved fruitful results within HAID, with more than 40 molecular companies, and the company has entered the top 5 of the national feed industry. Aquatic feed, animal healthcare products and Aquatic products breeding are holding the first place in China.

      HAID group has been honored and certified by "national leading agricultural enterprises", "national feed processing technology research and development sub center", "the top 100 enterprises in Guangdong province" and "Guangdong new high-tech enterprise".

      In 2011, HAID group cooperates with Shenglong biotech to establish Vietnam Shenglong company and successfully march overseas


      In 2012, the operation Committee of HAID group was formally established, indicating that HAID has taken an important step in standardizing its operation and management.
      HAID won the honor and certification of "national key enterprises of agricultural industrialization", "key high-tech enterprises of the national Torch Plan" and "national recognized enterprise technology center".

      In 2013, HAID acquired Guangdong Modern Agricultural Group Research Institute and Guangzhou Heshengtang Animal Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. respectively, and started research and development and production of animal vaccines, veterinary drugs, Aquatic probiotics and Veterinary probiotics. The animal healthcare unit has gradually grown.

      In 2014, The strategic policy of "more resolute service and more resolute marketing" was put forward. HAID entered the African market and won the second prize of the 2014 National Technological Invention Award.

      In 2017, HAID won the "China Aquatic Technology annual outstanding contribution award"
      The construction project of academician workstation of Guangdong Province undertaken by the HAID group passed the acceptance smoothly.


      HAID became the only agricultural and animal husbandry enterprise selected by Forbes, the top 50 Asian listed company.

      HAID was selected as Taurus most valuable fortune 150.

      HAID won the award of "The most socially responsible enterprise in Guangzhou", "the most socially responsible enterprise precision poverty alleviation award in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area", "2017 top 10 Chinese Listed Companies in terms of social responsibility (Special Award for poverty alleviation)

      Mr. Xuehua, Chairman of the board won the title of "Elites Top 10 in Guangdong Province"

      The most respected chairman of China's Listed Companies in 2017

      HAID group was awarded the "China Aquatic Technology annual outstanding contribution award" jointly issued by the Ministry of agriculture, fisheries and fishery administration.


      The 20th anniversary of HAID group

      HAID group's feed sales volume is 10.7 million tons; aquatic feed is 3.1 million tons, Aquatic feed sales rank first in the world.

      China's top 500 listed companies by market value.

      HAID won the "2018-2019 China's best health employer innovation Health Practice Award”, sponsored by MERCER LLC.

      2018 fortune China top 500

      The national standard "Compound feed for grass carp " and the industrial standard "feed raw material dry beer distiller's grains" developed by HAID group were officially implemented.

      HAID group service marketing conference was held successfully. The pig feed development committee was established.

      The HAID Research Institute was approved by the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas to set up the Key Laboratory of Ministry of agriculture's micro ecological resources breeding and utilization enterprises.


      The 10th anniversary of HAID group's entry into A-share Stock market

      Top 500 leading enterprises of agricultural industrialization in 2019

      List of brand value of listed companies, China 2019

      “The key technology and application of multi-interface microorganism to strengthen the treatment of water complex pollution” won the first prize of Guangdong Province Science

      GMP workshop contracted to build by Veterinary Research Institute obtains GMP certificate and production license of veterinary drugs.

      “ASF virus nucleic acid diagnostic kit” is passed the evaluation, which conducted by China Animal Disease Control Center.

      • 1998
      • 1999-2002
      • 2003-2007
      • 2008-2011
      • 2012-2016
      • 2017
      • 2018
      • 2019
      CNAs Laboratory Accreditation
      193 of China's top 500 manufacturing enterprises,2019
      Top 10 meritorious enterprises in China's shrimp industry,2019
      The best listed company of new fortune,2019
      Top 500 manufacturing enterprises in Guangdong Province,2019
      No. 25 of top 100 enterprises in Guangdong Province,2019
      One belt, one road advanced feed enterprise in China Feed Industry Association 2018
      2018,The national standard "compound feed for grass carp" developed by HAID group was officially implemented.
      2018,The HAID Research Institute was approved by the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas to set up the Key Laboratory of Ministry of agriculture's micro ecological resources breeding and utilization enterprises.
      "2018-2019 China's best health employer innovation Health Practice Award",

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